[Canadian] police can’t stop you from filming them, nor seize your phone

“… [Canadian] police can’t stop you from filming them, nor seize your phone, lawyer says – Public ‘absolutely allowed’ to film arrests, so long as they don’t obstruct police – By John Rieti, CBC News Posted: Jan 25, 2017– The man who captured video of Toronto police officers using a stun gun on a pinned suspect “absolutely” had the right to record that footage, a criminal lawyer says.
Police are reviewing officers’ use of force and conduct in connection with the Tuesday morning altercation in downtown Toronto, which Waseem Khan shot on his mobile phone and shared with the media.
Khan has since criticized police officers for threatening to seize his phone and warning him to stay back, telling him the suspect — who had been Tasered twice and was being held on the ground by multiple officers — was going to spit in his face and give him AIDS.
Criminal lawyer Daniel Brown said he believes officers were trying to intimidate Khan, who had a legal right to record what was happening.
Brown said the officers’ actions toward Khan are “just plain wrong.”
“You are absolutely allowed to film police interactions with the public. It is part of our civic duties and responsibilities,” he told CBC Toronto, adding that more people should know their rights.
Brown also said the officers couldn’t have seized Khan’s phone, even if it contained important evidence. As with a store’s surveillance camera, he said, police can’t just take the device — they have to seek permission to collect the evidence. …”


Demolition video of Yellowknife’s Robertson Head Frame Oct 29th, 2016

A very sad moment

Demolition video of Yellowknife’s Robertson Head Frame Oct 29th, 2016

Demolition video still of Yellowknife’s Robertson Head Frame Oct 29th, 2016

“… Hundreds watch Yellowknife’s Robertson headframe fall to the ground – Many show up for blast at 5 p.m. MT Saturday, hundreds more watch from Australia, N.S., Alaska
N.W.T. gov’t won’t save Yellowknife’s Robertson headframe
Agreement could not be reached with mine owner, says GNWT
“…The Con Mine (1938-2003) was the first gold mine developed in the Northwest Territories, just south of Yellowknife.[1] The property was staked by Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company of Canada (Cominco) in September 1935 in response to the discovery of visible gold nearby; the name “Con” is an abbreviation of “Consolidated”. The advent of winter prevented any prospecting from being conducted, but work in the summer of 1936 led to the discovery of numerous gold veins. The Con Mine entered production in 1938 and ceased operations in 2003. It has produced over 5,000,000 ozt (160,000 kg) of gold from 12,195,585 tons of ore processed.[2] The mine was over 6,000 ft (1,800 m) deep.[3]…”

Video runs 01:58

Hacked drone flies over Virginia Falls on NWT’s Nahanni River! – YouTube

This was the first officially sanctioned drone flight over the Nahanni National Park’s Virginia Falls in the history of the park!

Marilyn Monroe “The Woman Who Will Not Die” Still Life & Essay By Gloria Steinem

Marilyn Monroe “The Woman Who Will Not Die” Still Life & Essay By Gloria Steinem

July 19th, 2006


“….In the last interview before her death, close to the time of these photographs, Patricia Newcomb, her friend and press secretary, remembers that Marilyn pleaded unsuccessfully with the reporter to end his article like this:

“What I really want to say: That what the world really needs is a real feeling of kinship. Everybody: stars, laborers, Negroes, Jews, Arabs. We are all brothers.

Please don’t make me a joke. End the interview with what I believe.” …”

In Colville Lake NWT with The Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT

The Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT http://www.frozeneyes.com trainers George Lessard http://mediamentor.ca and Pablo Saravanja http://artless.blogspot.com/ just finished a workshop at the one room school in the Northwest Territory’s smallest community, Colville Lake. Here are some of the best pictures taken by the young photographers. This workshop was partially funding by grants from the NWT Arts Council http://www.pwnhc.ca/artscouncil/ and BHPBilliton http://www.bhpbilliton.com Thanks to Kevin O’Keefe, Principal, COLVILLE LAKE SCHOOL for all his help.

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society in Norman Wells Northwest Territories

Frozen Eyes Photographic Society
in Norman Wells Northwest Territories

Photos taken and copyright by the following – Kevin Kivi, Konrad Grandjambe, Heather Pope, Joshua Rose, Siobhan Quigg, Abby Small, Laura Wall, Cora Mccoy, Tamara McDonald, Shara Rose, Christine Desjarlais, Nate Greggy, Dakota Miller, Hunter Gray, Madi Gray, Nigel Gregory and Emily Barta

Instructors, George Lessard and Pablo Saravanja

Thanks to
Renee Closs, Principal
Thomas Aikiman

Funded by the NWT Arts Council http://www.pwnhc.ca/artscouncil/about.html

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