Hacked drone flies over Virginia Falls on NWT’s Nahanni River! – YouTube

This was the first officially sanctioned drone flight over the Nahanni National Park’s Virginia Falls in the history of the park!


Features | Inuktitut Tusaalanga

A glossary/mini-dictionary containing 1400+ Inuktitut terms accessible either in romanized or syllabic Inuktitut. 20+ dialogues with full audio and optional English definitions An index to the Inuktitut grammar concepts.

via Features | Inuktitut Tusaalanga.



Yellowknife, Canada. BOOM TOWN – British Pathé

BOOM TOWN – British Pathé.

Yellowknife, Canada.

Several air shots of snow covered Canadian town, (Boom Town) in a valley. Various shots of the new houses, roads, people, shops, bank, restaurants etc. Most of the shops and the houses are the log wood cabins. Several shots of the people eating in a fast food restaurant – fairly big portions, old record states ‘unrationed food’. Several shots of the prices on wall. More shots of the new town.

Date found in the old record – 01/05/1946.


It’s time for a new conversation.

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#CDNpoli @pmharper ▶ #NWT #IdleNoMore #DehCho Bridge Blockade #video

Idle No More Denendeh
Dehcho Bridge Action
January 5, 2013
Short Doc by Siku Allooloo and Amos Scott

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/56886462″>Dehcho Bridge Blockade</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user5537038″>Didi Chia Studios</a> on <a href=”http://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


Why Poverty? uses broadcast & online film to get people talking about poverty.

Why Poverty? is a groundbreaking, cross-media event, online and on TV, using films to get people talking about poverty. Why Poverty? uses film to get people talking about poverty.
We’ve commissioned award-winning film makers to make eight documentaries about poverty, and new and emerging talents to make around 30 short films. The films tackle big issues and pose difficult questions, but they’re also moving, subtle and thought-provoking stories.
They transmit around the world in November 2012, on more than 70 national broadcasters reaching 500 million people. They’ll be accompanied by events designed to spark global and national debates and an online conversation to get people asking “Why Poverty?”
You can watch clips and shorts online now, and find out more about what’s happening in your country.
After November, the documentaries will be available to everyone online and we’ll begin an outreach programme, building on the momentum from broadcast.
Watch the films here
You can find out when to watch on TV in your country, or come back to see full-length versions of the documentaries online after broadcast.


Le Monument CRÉMAZIE par Louis Philippe Hébert – Seance d’Inauguration – PDF #Quebec #Canada #art #history

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par Louis Philippe Hébert
LE 24 JUIN 1906
256, rue Saint-Paul
1906 Discours et photos M. le Maire H. A. Ekers (photo)
Louis Philippe Hébert (Statuaire) (photo)
Mme. F.-L. Béique (photo) (qui a présidé au dévoilement de monument)
L’honorable sénateur F.-L. Béique (photo) (Président d’honneur du Comité)
le juge H.-T, Taschereau (photo)
Hon. Juge Pagnuelo (photo)
Hon. Damien Rolland (photo)
Me Gonzalve Desaulniers (photo)
Raoul Lacroix (photo)
M. Arthur Côté (photo)
Me Arthur Beauchêne (photo)
M. Ubald Garand (photo) Discours de M. Louis Fréchette (photo)
Discours de Dr. j. K. Foran, LL.D. (photo)
Discours de L’honorable Juge ROBIDOU (photo)
Discours de Me Adolphe Poisson (photo)
Discours de l’honorable Charles Langelier (photo)
Discours de Dr Nérée Beauxhemin, M. S. R. (photo)
Discours de M. Charles Gill (photo)
Discours de l’honorable sénateur L.-O. David (photo)
Discours de Me Jean Charbonneau (photo)
Discours de M. l.-J. Doucet (photo)
Discours de M. Hector Demers (photo)
Discours de M. Albert Lozeau (photo)
Discours de M. le juge H.-T, Taschereau (photo)
Liste de souscriptions
Via www.scribd.com

Sights and Sounds of Arviat, Nunavut

Images and traditional music

from around

Arviat Nunavut

on the

Hudson’s Bay

coast of Canada

Yukoner’s Windy Arm pond hockey video goes viral – Got 100,000 hits on Youtube in 3 days

Yukoner’s Windy Arm pond hockey video goes viral

This video shows the players skating on smooth-as-glass ice

surrounded by mountains on Windy Arm, Yukon, which is part of Tagish Lake. (YouTube)

See the CBCNorth coverage of the story here…


In Colville Lake NWT with The Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT

The Frozen Eyes Photographic Society of the NWT http://www.frozeneyes.com trainers George Lessard http://mediamentor.ca and Pablo Saravanja http://artless.blogspot.com/ just finished a workshop at the one room school in the Northwest Territory’s smallest community, Colville Lake. Here are some of the best pictures taken by the young photographers. This workshop was partially funding by grants from the NWT Arts Council http://www.pwnhc.ca/artscouncil/ and BHPBilliton http://www.bhpbilliton.com Thanks to Kevin O’Keefe, Principal, COLVILLE LAKE SCHOOL for all his help.

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