Indigenous people’s movement, Yellowknife, Canada #Denendeh #J11 #IdleNoMore #YZF #NWT via @citiesandmemory


“… Protest and Politics is the first global mapping of the sounds of protest, demonstration and political activism. Whether it’s people standing on either side of Donald Trump in the USA, Brexit in the UK, Marine Le Pen in France or any of thousands of local and national protests around the world, people are increasingly finding their voice and expressing themselves through sound. These sounds, more than any other, are coming to define the age in which we’re living, and are uniting people, communities and entire countries around the world. More than 100 sound designers, musicians and sound artists have contributed to the project, whether by reimagining a sound, providing a field recording from a sacred space, or both. Contributors come from all around the world – from Australia and the USA to Costa Rica and Brazil via Italy, France, Spain, the UK and many other countries. Field recordings provided by: George Lessard​…”
Yellowknife Field recording provided by: George Lessard​…”
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Part of the Protest and Politics project
Set of still photos from the #Denendeh #J11 #IdleNoMore #YZF #NWT shoot
The original #Denendeh #J11 #IdleNoMore #YZF #NWT video is here




Mindset Media Guide – designed for general-assignment reporters

Mindset Media Guide –

By Tamara Baluja, Associate Editor

Mindset: Reporting on Mental Health is designed for general-assignment reporters – the most likely first-responders when news that may turn out to involve mental illness breaks. Moderator David Common, CBC News correspondent and host of the World Report, along with panellists André Picard, public health reporter and columnist at The Globe and Mail, Karen Liberman, speaker/mental health expert, and Dr. Anthony Feinstein, professor of psychiatry at University of Toronto and expert on the psychological health of conflict reporters), will discuss this guide to mental health reporting.

You can also follow along with the audio feed here.

To get a sense of why we need this guide called Mindset, read this excellent primer from Cliff Lonsdale: Why a journalist’s words matter when reporting on mental health

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For the English-
guide, click here.
Pour la version 

▶ Audioboo / Episode #02: Foley Follies

You might not know what Foley is, but you know what it sounds like. Craig and George take on assignment from a former sound designer and Foley artist, Scotty Iseri, and give you a glimpse into what it takes to be a Foley artist.

Music featured by Language of Kings. “Uprooting the Flora” from Bent, “Riley Ann Helms” from Heavy Hands and “Cry It Out, Hun” from Heavy Hands.

via ▶ Audioboo / Episode #02: Foley Follies.

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