Cold Houses Needed

Okanagan Okanogan

Houses are built in Canada to keep out the cold and keep in the heat. The latter, they are poor at, but when the heat leaves, more is added.

Of course, this is in Vernon, in the Okanagan Valley, where outdoor heat is desired, and brings people here from around the country. To make it so, one often resorts to planting the yards in bare rock, to radiate heat, store it in the night, and prevent the growth of cooling plants. Along comes climate change, and this all seems a little wrong-headed. The gravel pit associated with this subdivision shows what the Earth is trying to do instead.

See that? Build a wall, without a roof, so it will cool, keep the whole structure off the ground (there’s air between those rocks), so stored heat can’t warm it, and shade it with a thick wall against the sun, again porous…

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