Political satirist Tom Walker [Jonathan Pie​] on the purpose behind his satire


“… Political satirist Tom Walker, best known for his viral comedy character Jonathan Pie​ talks to Krishnan Guru-Murthy about the purpose behind his satire, why the left need to reclaim freedom of speech and how he’d change the world if given the chance. …” https://youtu.be/1_6APlOR_jg

Charlie Delorme, Yellowknife’s homeless philanthropist, a mural by Terry Pamplin

Charlie Delorme, Yellowknife’s homeless philanthropist, a mural by Terry Pamplin

Cabin Radio: Listen to Terry talk about Charlie "…Terry Pamplin’s tribute to Yellowknife’s homeless philanthropist has finally found its home. Five years in the making, Pamplin’s mural on the city’s 48th Street commemorates Charlie Delorme – who gave away large chunks of his $100,000 federal residential school compensation to good causes, despite spending decades on the street. Delorme passed away in 2013, at the age of 64…."

CBC NWT: "…Local artist Terry Pamplin was friends with Delorme and recently started work on a mural in his honour. It includes two large portraits of Delorme, who spent nearly 40 years living on the streets of Yellowknife…."

CBC NWT: "…Yellowknifer ​Charlie Delorme, whose generosity made headlines earlier this fall, died at his home this week at the age of 64.
In September, Delorme, who spent nearly 40 years living on the streets of Yellowknife, received a $100,000 residential school settlement.
He donated $10,000 to the Stanton Territorial Hospital Foundation, $5,000 to Yellowknife’s Salvation Army, and $2,000 to the city’s SideDoor Youth Centre.
Delorme was born in Fort Resolution in 1949, the oldest of five siblings. As a youngster, he went to residential schools in Fort Resolution, Fort Smith and in Saskatchewan before moving to Yellowknife in the early 1960s…."


See also more on Terry Pamplin’s Borderless Art Movement! (BAM!) "…BAM! includes performers from a variety of artistic and musical backgrounds and presents a fresh take on storytelling through a unique combination of narration, musical themes and visual representation. …"

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