#NWTAlertReady? #NOT

Re: #NWTAlertReady? #NOT

The only alert I got from my TELUS cell was from The Weather Network (See image below) and my NWTel cable TV show had no alert at all but CBCNorth radio’s alert reached my ears..

NWT Alert Ready Test results?

#CBCNorth radio 100%

#TheWeatherNetwork app 100%

#Northwestel Cable FAIL

#TELUS Cellular FAIL

GNWT to test NWT Alert Ready http://www.gov.nt.ca/newsroom/news/gnwt-test-nwt-alert-ready

YELLOWKNIFE (September 19, 2016) The Government of the Northwest Territories (GNWT) will issue a live test of NWT Alert Ready, the public alerting system for the Northwest Territories, on September 21, 2016 at 9:55am,

Residents may see and hear the public alert test on radio stations and cable networks across the NWT.

NWT Alert Ready is being developed by the GNWT in cooperation with local broadcasters to provide public alerts to NWT residents during emergencies and disasters. It is part of the national public alerting system “Alert Ready”. Further testing will continue over the next several months to confirm functionality and reliability of the system.

For more information on public alerting and the Alert Ready system visit www.alertready.ca or contact Municipal and Community Affairs at (867) 767-9161.

Image attached Northwest Territories Emergency Test Alert IMG_5512.png

In pictures: Patrick McGoohan #ThePrison

In pictures: Patrick McGoohan #ThePrisoner #NumberSix at 50 – #BBCNews http://ow.ly/iuRt304278f

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