#‎NWT‬ ‪#‎RCMP‬ Bans ‪#‎YZF‬ @NNSLOnline ‪#‎Reporter‬ John McFadden due to his “Disrespectful Tone”


Last Friday, the RCMP announced a big drug bust in Yellowknife. They held a news conference in the afternoon to present the haul of evidence they had obtained.

John McFadden, a reporter who covers the police for the local Yellowknifer paper, learned of the presser from an email blast sent to the press by RCMP Constable Elenore Sturko.

But when McFadden showed up to the RCMP station where the news conference was taking place, he was barred from going in.

In an e-mail he sent to his editor, obtained by CANADALAND, McFadden says that Constable Sturko told him he was being kept out because of his “unprofessional and disrespectful conduct.”  She then let CBC reporter Mitch Wiles in, McFadden writes, “before closing the locked door on me.


CANADALAND obtained these e-mails as part of a chain that was forwarded to all Northern News Service editorial staff, along with a note from Managing Editor Bruce Valpy supporting his police reporter.

In his message to staff, Valpy writes: “It is clear John is being held responsible for what the RCMP considers to be negative reporting on their activities in Yellowknifer… We will continue to report the news and we hope NNSL editorial staff will ensure the RCMP understand they have no basis for their complaint against John and we will not tolerate any attempts to channel news away from him.”

via RCMP Bans Reporter due to his “Disrespectful Tone” | CANADALAND.


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