The US Supreme Court Agrees: Your iPhone Isn’t Just a Phone | WITNESS BlogWITNESS Blog

“… But your phone isn’t a phone — it’s a camera, it keeps a record of all your communications, it saves your web searches, and a whole lot more. And the Supreme Court said the same:

“The storage capacity of cell phones has several interrelated consequences for privacy. First, a cell phone collects in one place many distinct types of information—an address, a note, a prescription, a bank statement, a video— that reveal much more in combination than any isolated record. Second, a cell phone’s capacity allows even just one type of information to convey far more than previously possible. The sum of an individual’s private life can be reconstructed through a thousand photographs labeled with dates, locations, and descriptions; the same cannot be said of a photograph or two of loved ones tucked into a wallet. Third, the data on a phone can date back to the purchase of the phone, or even earlier. A person might carry in his pocket a slip of paper reminding him to call Mr. Jones; he would not carry a record of all his communications with Mr. Jones for the past several months, as would routinely be kept on a phone.”

The implications of this decision for activists, journalists, and others are clear, and it’s a win for privacy and digital rights. In an ideal world, courts wouldn’t have to pick up the slack for legislators when it comes to these issues and it wouldn’t be so noteworthy when they show flashes of tech competence, but for now let’s hope to see more decisions like this in the future, and not just in the US….”

via The US Supreme Court Agrees: Your iPhone Isn’t Just a Phone | WITNESS BlogWITNESS Blog.


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