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Mother nature’s fury couldn’t defeat the Sledge Patrol, but a lack of funding might keep director Sandra Skibsted from telling their “exceptional story”

‘The Sledge Patrol’ is a documentary about a group of Danish, Norwegian and Greenlandic hunters called on to protect the Northeast coast of Greenland against Nazi infiltration. And it is one of those stories only real life could dish up.

VIDEO: See preview of “The Sledge Patrol” (at end of article)

“I was instantly captivated by it. The events that happened during the Second World War in Greenland were so incredible that they could hardly be true. But the truth about the years when the war came to Greenland is remarkable and extraordinary. “

Skibsted learned about the story of the men of the Sledge Patrol back in 2010 by accident while she was doing research for another documentary project. She has been working ever since to make the documentary come to life. The process, she says, has been as rewarding as it has been labourious.

“It has been sheer detective work to find a number of the people you will meet in the documentary. During the course of the filming of the promo, I also came across valuable historical documents. The existence of these had been unknown and they included the diary of the only Danish man who died in the war in Greenland. Furthermore, through this project, I have had the opportunity to unite a brother of a patrolman with his brother’s long-lost diary – a diary he had been searching for for many years.”

via Filmmaker puts funding request where her heart is | The Arctic Journal.


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