The Evolution of Automated Breaking News Stories | MIT Technology Review

The Evolution of Automated Breaking News Stories | MIT Technology Review.

“…A Google engineer has developed an algorithm that spots breaking news stories on the Web and illustrates them with pictures. And it is now filing its first stories on Twitter.

Breaking news stories are one of the driving forces for online media. So the ability to automatically spot interesting or important new events that are happening now is hugely valuable.

Last year, Thomas Steiner at Google Germany, in Hamburg, released just such an algorithm that can spot breaking news events as they happen. Today, he’s updated it with a picture-based interface that attempts to tell the stories behind the news events that the algorithm has spotted.

The process of automatically spotting breaking news events is relatively straightforward. It is based on the idea that if something important is happening now, Wikipedia editors working in different languages will update the relevant pages at the same time….”


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