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Movie “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.” – Kissinger

Northern_Clips‘s insight:

‘…After being hounded by Monsanto backers, blocked from posting about it on Facebook and its content filtered through various software on the Internet, Everest Edge Pictures prevailed against the odds and will move forward in the creation of “SANTO 7. 13. 15.,” a sci-fi movie to depict the world’s future from the lingering threats and effects of GMOs. The film will reveal how Monsanto, the biotech giant, has effected the world’s populations and expose the real threats GMOs pose to the Earth.

Started by Rob Everest, creator of many award-winning commercials and producer of his first independent feature film, “American Success,” “SANTO 7. 13. 15” is his answer to Monsanto’s careless regard for the Earth and a possible “game changer in human history.” The controversy surrounding Monsanto and their money-backed bribing of politicians, buying of lawmakers votes and hiding the truth about GMO from the public is the story Everest is determined to tell the world. But instead of making it a documentary, he decided it was imperative to make the film a “Dystopian Futuristic” movie for the “better of humanity.”

Future of Mankind

“Santo 7. 13. 15.” tells the story of a global biotech company, Santo, who created “strains of super food to feed the masses” in an overpopulated world in the year 2045, which has caused food intolerance, sterility and many autoimmune disorders. Because of their creation of super food and with poverty and hunger a “pandemic,” Santo is privileged to make “genetic enhancements to humans” in order for them to continue to feed and survive on these super foods, but any human DNA modification made to that human will become Santo’s property.

The film follows the story of Max, a man that convinces his wife to allow Santo to make modifications to her genetics to cure their infertility problem. But when their daughter was born disabled and recalled to “Deconstruction Camp” where she dies, his wife disowns him and he is left alone in the world to fend for another child’s life who will too be recalled if he reveals the inequalities and injustices Santo has posed on the world.. …"
MORE AT http://www.nationofchange.org/santo-7-13-15-threatened-monsanto-and-its-backers-1373726937

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