Keeping Zero Plastic Week alive | Greenpeace Canada

I live in the NWT where our consensus government has mandated a $0.25 charge on every plastic bag used at the point of sale in every store in the territory. So we pretty much all use multiple use bags for our purchases.But I have to say that your “promotion” of Zero Plastic Week is laughable because we’ve never heard of it up here.Nor have I seen a single mention of it on national television.This story does not even bother to mention what the dates of the week were. Seems to me you are not very committed to communicating this very well.Must be spending too much time and money on cute polar bears and baby seals. I guess they bring in more money than Zero Plastic Week.

via Keeping Zero Plastic Week alive | Greenpeace Canada.

Keeping Zero Plastic Week alive

Blogpost by Sarah King, Oceans campaign coordinator – June 24, 2013 at 18:40

“…Zero Plastic Week has come and gone, and it’s left me feeling mainly inspired but also a bit depressed. Inspired because there is a growing plastic free movement, full of amazing, passionate and dedicated people. Depressed because dramatically reducing plastic consumption really isn’t as hard as you’d think. Why is that depressing? Because we need more people doing it, and stat. …”


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