Buffalo Airways book “The Ice Pilots” is a crash and burn

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Since I generally refrain from watching television, I’ve never seen the popular reality show “Ice Pilots.” So you could say I was flying blind when a book tied to the series popped up on my radar. … “The Ice Pilots,” by New Yorker-turned-Canadian author Michael Vlessides, is subtitled “Flying with the Mavericks of the Great White North.” Would that this were true. In practice, very little time is spent airborne. Instead, most of the book is about Vlessides himself, his experiences in the North, his time spent running around the Buffalo hangar with the television stars, his drinking binges with the same crew, and his repeatedly dashed efforts at getting “Buffalo” Joe to open up for an interview, efforts that show Vlessides to be suffering from something a bit creepier than hero worship crossbred with a disturbing tendency toward self-flagellation. The hero worship actually extends to the whole crew, and is accompanied by relentless hyperbole talking up how unbelievably awesome everyone at Buffalo is. Just a sample quote demonstrates the ludicrous exaltation of it all: “To be a Buffalo pilot is to be resourceful. If there was ever a professional who had to mimic the 1980s television star MacGyver — the secret agent who could craft a neutron bomb out of a Swiss Army knife and some old cheese — it’s the Buffalo Airways pilot.” Wow. Now extend that out over 269 pages of text that just keeps stumbling over itself like a moose with its forelegs roped together, and you have a pretty good idea of how this book reads.

Northern_Clips‘s insight:

“The Ice Pilots” Michael Vlessides Douglas & McIntyre 280 pages 2012 • $21.95 ISBN 978-1-55365-939-6 http://www.dmpibooks.com/book/the-ice-pilots

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