Yellowknife Houseboaters seen as Reality TV series

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Her goal? Convince a major international cable network to see what she sees — the frontier spirit evident in the independent community of houseboaters on Yellowknife Bay.

“I came up last year and shot some footage,” said Haydn-Hays.

“I spoke to some of the characters out there about what the strategies are for living off the grid on the lake,” she said.

This most recent visit was what she calls phase two, where the current footage gets edited into a mock one-hour show so the network can see what it would look like.

Ideally, the network would then green-light the production and agree to either a full one-hour show or a series of episodes.

Haydn-Hays is hesitant to compare her idea to Ice Pilots NWT or Ice Road Truckers.

“Every show has it’s own different vibe,” she said.

“This would be mostly about the challenges, the stakes involved and the character of the people behind the work. The frontier spirit is what drew me to the topic. They’re living on their own terms, they’re knowledgeable and it’s like they’re a boat captain, mechanic and engineer all in one.”

While it’s still a long way from coming to a small screen near you, Haydn-Hays said she’s confident people will be interested in the topic.

“These are all things American audiences don’t know about, they’ve never seen it. They don’t have people living on frozen lakes,” she said.


Northern_Clips‘s insight:

"We would hope to hire locally. I feel very very strongly about that. I don’t want to just unleash a ton of Americans. I love Canadians dearly and they’re very very patient with us. I don’t want to push their patience too much," she said. She said anyone who is interested in working on the project can contact her.


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