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Welcome to the Inuit Cultural Online Resource. This site was created to provide a central location online to learn about Canadian Inuit culture. This site is designed to serve as a resource for Canadian school age children and their teachers. It’s purpose is to offer new a different ways of learning about Inuit culture and what it means to be Inuit.

We are very proud to share with you insights into what it means to be Inuit in Canada today. We will share some history about Inuit culture as well. For those who do not know who the Inuit people are this is the ideal place to learn. Inuit were once referred to as Eskimo but the preferred term for some time is Inuit. Many Inuit found the term Eskimo inaccurate and offensive, and refer to themselves as Inuit.

Exploring this site you will find a wide variety of topics and interesting resources. You will be able to watch videos on how to make Bannock a traditional Inuit bread, watch Inuit games, and so one. We have great links as well to further what is covered here , after all learning about Inuit culture is an ongoing process. We hope we can give you a great head start in learning more about a great rich vibrant culture.

Video Podcasts

Inuktitut Podcast Project: At School

Inuktitut Podcast Project: Conversational

Bannock Making

Celebrating Inuit Pride

Circle Time, Traditional Knowledge

DIY Bone and Stick Game

Inuit Drumming

Inuit Games

Inuksuk: Build and LearnThe Qulliq

Throat Singing

Explore Our

HistoryElder Portraits


Impact on Canada

Life On The Land

Modern VS Traditional Life

Arts, Song, MusicThroat Singing

Drums and Dance

Musicians and more

Inuit Art

Country Food

Country Food Recipes

Sports and Games

Photo Gallery

Teaching Resources

Activity Sheets

Inuktitut Our Language

Through Mala’s Eyes

Additional Resources

This site was created by the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre

with the financial support of the Canadian Heritage Gateway Fund without whom this site would not exist.
We hope you find this site helpful, fun and educational.

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