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“…Hi, I’m Skye. I’m a middle aged doctor, aspiring writer, and am deeply interested in learning to make the most of my time here on this beautiful blue planet. I don’t want to waste this precious lifetime. This blog is about moving from our comfortable life in the the nirvana of Nelson BC to the unknown north, in Yellowknife. Its about learning to live on a floating house in Yellowknife Bay, near the Arctic circle, off the power grid. (That’s our place on the photo at the top – the center one with silver siding.) With one capable Spanish husband and two golden retrievers. Its about commuting over the water the one kilometer to town and work in all kinds of weather, and even in darkness – until it freezes, when we can drive right up to our house. Its about what we do in the season in between water and ice! Its about learning the ways of the north, and listening to what this land has to teach us. Its about adventure in the far north too – we really hope to get out on the land, and up to the high Arctic as well. Its about finding time for the things that make our hearts sing – good food, great conversation, being in the wilderness, paddling and skiing, poetry, building a community of friends, inspiring books, and that first morning coffee. Its about mastering the art of living!…”
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