Saami exhibit, Nordic Heritage Museum

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“…These photos were shot in a very dimly lit museum where flash was not allowed. They are in random order from several sources: a full-length video of a Saami family (man with blonde hair and the beautiful woman with the baby) and their reindeer, photographs, and objects made by Saami artisans from reindeer skins and antlers, birch trees and other natural materials. When a Saami uses these resources, he or she asks permission from the animal or tree before taking only what is needed.

Global warming and ‘development’ by the Nordic governments are destroying the Saami way of life. Saamis are nomadic and don’t recognize ownership of land, but since formal countries do, the latter flood valleys, damn rivers, and build amid the established migration routes. If temperatures rise just a couple of degrees from global warming, the land may no longer be inhabitable for the reindeer and these resilient peoples who have inhabited Arctic Europe for over 5000 years….”



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