History | Centre for Indigenous Peoples’ Nutrition and Environment – McGill University

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CINE was created in response to a need expressed by Aboriginal Peoples for participatory research and education to address their concerns about the integrity of their traditional food systems. Deterioration in the environment has adverse impacts on the health and lifestyles of Indigenous Peoples, in particular nutrition as affected by food and food traditions.


Canada’s aboriginal leaders worked together to lobby for funds and to establish a working structure to conduct CINE’s activities. Discussions began in 1989, and resulted in an award for infrastructure funding through the Arctic Environmental Strategy (AES) of the Department of Indian and Northern Development (DIAND), an initiative of Canada’s Green Plan.

This funding began in March, 1992, and physical space for CINE at McGill University was renovated and opened in fall, 1993.

Within McGill, steps in the approval process for the Centre were made through the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research, the McGill Senate and the McGill Board of Governors, with the Board of Governors signing the authorization for CINE in December, 1993.

The creation of CINE was approved by the Quebec Department of Higher Education and the Quebec Department of International Affairs. Partnership agreements were signed between McGill and the Governing Board of CINE, and with Arctic/Aurora College in the Northwest Territories and Yukon College to carry out the Centre’s mission for research and education.

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