Hay River Firefighters broaden rescue skills

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Members of the Hay River Fire Department prepare to rappel off a steep riverbank at Enterprise as part of a technical rescue course. – Angele Cano/NNSL photo


There were no casualties being retrieved from tight spaces or steep inclines last week, but, if that becomes necessary, a group of Hay River firefighters now have the skills to take on those more difficult rescues.

Seven members of the Hay River Fire Department took an in-depth technical rescue course from July 11-15.

Now, the firefighters will be certified to take on many tricky rescue situations, including confined spaces and high elevations after learning to rappel off the side of a cliff to reach casualties.

Hay River Fire Chief Ross Potter said several firefighters had taken the course previously, but they have since left the department and the newer crop needs to learn lifesaving skills.

“There is a high chance of us responding to a situation that involves a difficult rescue situation,” said Potter. “We cover a large area and any number of things can happen.”

J.R. Barnes joined the department in November and said he now feels more confident to take on a difficult rescue situation.

“Considering many people live around riverbanks and go quading and Ski-Dooing, it’s definitely not easy to access these areas,” he said. “I think it’s important we keep on top of things we can and do all we can to expand on what we know.”

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