Canada to play its World Cup qualifying games in Inuvik, Northwest Territories?

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CBC Saskatchewan host Costa Maragos says playing the next World Cup qualifying round at BMO Field in Toronto is actually a disadvantage for Canada’s soccer team.


“…So here’s my pitch. Drop BMO field. Resist the temptation to play in Vancouver and Edmonton for that matter. Let’s move the team to another venue that is sure to give us the advantage.

From now on I propose Canada play its World Cup qualifying games in Inuvik, Northwest Territories. In October. When it’s cold.

Imagine playing the beautiful game on frozen tundra under the lights surrounded by a few thousand Canucks wrapped in their parkas, sitting on blankets to block the cold from those beautiful metallic bleachers. Now that is Canada!

Of course, we would require our players to train under those conditions and be prepared for snow, sleet, rain and whatever else the unforgiving weather in the north will throw at us. We all know our boys are tough and will flourish.

Now let’s see how fancy those Cuban players get with a soccer ball as frozen solid as a snowball with the bounce of a medicine ball? I’d pay to see the shivering P p panamanians and Ji ji jittery Jajajamaicans slip and slide on that glorious icicle tipped grass field. Might even make the trip to watch. Advantage Canada!

Fair? Of course not. But imagine the attention such a game would receive around the world? (Hello international media). Think what a game like this would mean for Canada asserting its sovereignty over the Arctic? (Hello Mr. Harper). Think of what this would mean for Team Canada souvenir sales? (Hello Soccer Canada). Think what this would do for the future of the game (Hello kids).

Crazy idea? Well here’s something to kick around while you ponder this idea. The last time Canada qualified for the World Cup, the clinching game was played on a damp King George V field in the cool moist air of St. John’s Newfoundland. Take a moment and go to YouTube and look at the highlights of that historic game and you will see a Canadian team playing with confidence and purpose against a tentative team from Honduras. It just might be in our DNA to play our sports in the cold. (Hello Inuvik)

Now I ask you to look at the CONCACAF schedule and circle October 12th, when Canada plays its last home game of the third round. It will be against Cuba. It is not too late to cancel the BMO Field reservation.

Take the game to our north where in October the average low temperature is -11 degrees. In Havana, the Cubans made us play in the searing heat of the midday sun. On our home turf we will play this game in the land of the midnight sun because Canada lives there too. Let’s return to the World Cup. Let’s make Canadian soccer exciting again. Hello Inuvik. Hello Brazil.

Costa Maragos hosts local CBC TV news in Sask, when he’s not taunting visiting sports teams….”

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