Behind the Scenes: Tiananmen Square 1989- A New Angle on History

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As the “tank man” of Tiananmen Square reenters public consciousness, Terril Jones shares a new view of the confrontation, never before published.

June 4, 2009, 11:47 am [excerpt]

Update | Monday, Oct. 26, 1:00 p.m. Four months later, in Pomona College Magazine, Terril Jones reflected on the extraordinary attention that greeted this photograph when it was published on the Lens blog. He also gave a much richer account of the events surrounding it, concluding:

All this has led me to reassess what the photo tells us. I saw that the still-unidentified man clearly premeditated his stand well before the tanks were upon him; he didn’t dart out for the confrontation moments before. He seems calm and prepared — could he have been mentally unstable as some have suggested? He appears to be abandoned by those running for cover, yet he also seems to be clearing a path for them to do so.

I’ve also realized how strongly that image continues to resonate with people, underscoring the importance of a free — and well-staffed — press corps around the world. The visceral responses that the photo has evoked make me wish I had come forward with it publicly much sooner.

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Sustainable Iqaluit

Sustainable Iqaluit is inviting all Iqalummiut to join Working Groups, to develop the contents of our first Sustainable Community Plan.

These two hour Working Group discussions will build on the themes in the What We Heard – A Summary of Past Voices document (available here) and will get into the details of designing our future.

This is your opportunity to clarify, share and develop your opinions, and help identify community priorities for our long-term future.

Please note that Inuktitut/English interpreters will be available and that you can choose to attend any one or all of the discussions:

Tuesday May 29, 6-8pm at Yummy Shwarma 

Strong Inuit culture, language and identity

Life skills, traditional skills, and leadership

Wednesday May 30, 6-8pm at Yummy Shwarma 

The land, sea and waters

Cultural relationship to our environment

Thursday May 31, 6-8pm at Yummy Shwarma 

Families, childcare and parenting

Community health and safety

Wednesday June 6, 6-8pm at Grind…

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30 minute limit on video capture could end if WTO group gets its way …

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But it wasn’t for DSLR or digital compacts that did not even exist… It was simply for “video recorders”, that means every device that is able to record a video. At that time (1988 I think) mainly VCR and cassette camcorders …

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A Northern Consensus on Completing (not Dismantling) the NWT Regulatory Regime

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A Northern Consensus on Completing (not Dismantling) the NWT Regulatory Regime

While there is a strong tradition of consensus decision-making in the North, NWT communitiesand groups are also very diverse and often find it difficult to reach unanimous agreement. It is perhaps remarkable, then, that the responses to

AANDC’s Action Plan to Improve Northern Regulatory Regimes have been so consistent. Aboriginal governments and local leaders, industry associations and developers, the GNWT Executive and MLAs, Board Chairs and staff, and northern NGOs have all voiced similar objections to this made-in-Ottawa process which does not respect Northern realities, priorities, or rights. Dennis Bevington, MP for the Western Arctic, aims to counter the federal government’s efforts

at dismantling the NWT regulatory regime, by pulling together into a single document the mainpoints of agreement amongst Northerners, and amplifying those messages.Using statements from various leaders/representatives and quotes from reports issued over thepast four years, this document outlines points of agreement under the following categories:


Objections to the current process;


Objections to the Board amalgamation/elimination proposal;


Agreement about what is working;


Agreement about what is not working; and


Consensus around key components and guiding principles for a new process.A complete list of individuals/organizations quoted is included at the end of this document.From the Office of the MP for Western Arctic, Dennis Bevington
Constituency Office
Street address:
5014-50 Avenue
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2L8
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 1986
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2P5
Toll free 1-800-661-0802
867-920-4233 Parliamentar y Office
Street address:
Confederation Building
229 Wellington St, Room 239
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0A6
Toll free 1-866-992-4587
Dennis Bevington
MP, Western Arctic, NT
NDP Shadow Cabinet:
Associate Critic for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development: The North

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Linguistics Resources Yati for iOS

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Department of Linguistics at the University of Victoria.

Tlicho posts….
“… You can download another free Tłįchǫ talking dictionary language app from the App Store. It is called Yati and works on iPad, iPhone, iPod. A great collaboration between TCSA and the University of Victoria. A bit more information here: ….”

Credits and Acknowledgements

• Teaching and Learning Centre, Tłı̨̨chǫ Community Services Agency
• Department of Linguistics, University of Victoria
• Community Action Research Team, Tłı̨̨chǫ Government
• Office of the Vice-President Research, University of Victoria
• Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada
Voicing: Marie Louise Bouvier White
Additional voices: Rosa Mantla, Josie Bishop, Mary K. Richardson, Mary Adele Mackenzie, Leona Lafferty, Anita Daniels, George Bailey, Mason Mantla
Research and Editing: Mary Siemens, Rosa Mantla, Tammy Steinwand-Deschambeault, Aliana Parker, Leslie Saxon
Drawings: Tłı̨̨chǫ Community Services Agency, Angel Hall
Administrative support: Wendy Mantla, Lucy Lafferty
Programming and design: Christopher Coey
Additional testing and QA: Liam Coey

All content © 2012 Teaching and Learning Centre, Tłįchǫ Community Services Agency, Rae-Edzo, NWT All programming © 2012 University of Victoria, Victoria B.C.

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NWT Ministers Cultural Circle Nominations Poster

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Call for Nominations: NWT Minister’s Cultural Circle
The Minister’s Cultural Circle celebrates achievements and contributions of northerners who preserve and promote the arts, heritage and culture in the Northwest Territories. The Cultural Circle encourages awareness and appreciation of the importance of our diverse northern cultures.
Nominees are well-recognized and respected in their communities or regions for outstanding contributions in the arts and cultural promotion or preservation. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) is now accepting nominations for the Minister’s Cultural Circle, for the following Categories:

Youth Category
Persons 25 years and under who demonstrate a strong commitment to participating in the arts, cultural learning and cultural practices.

Elder Category
Persons over 50 years old and recognized as cultural leaders by their community respected for their guidance, leadership, and vision in promoting the arts, culture and heritage.

Individual Category
Persons who demonstrates a strong commitment to the promotion and preservation of culture through participation in various arts, cultural or heritage related activities.

Group or Organization Category
Any organization, corporation, institution, committee or social club that plays a lead role in the development and support of activities that celebrate, promote or preserve the arts, culture and heritage.

Deadline for nominations is August 15, 2012.
Nomination forms are also available at: under the ‘What’s New at ECE’ tab;
• The Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre website
• your local band office; or
• A Regional ECE Service Centre
For more information, please contact ECE Public Affairs at (867) 920-3059 or

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Cape Dorset Nunavut Students at Screaming Avocado Cafe in Stratford Ontario

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Published on May 11, 2012 by LocalComeLately

Students from Cape Dorset Nunavut and Stratford Ontario spent a morning cooking a feast together at the Screaming Avocado Cafe (the alternative cafeteria where Paul Finkelstein teaches Culinary Arts at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School). Many of the dishes featured product sourced in Nunavut during the first leg of this YMCA/Heritage Canada Youth Exchange, including Bison, Caribou and Arctic Char. The students worked with chefs including Joshna Maharaja (of Steven and Chris show fame), Nick Benninger (from Nick and Nat’s Uptown21 in Waterloo), Phil Phillips (Slow Food Perth County Co-Chair) and Liz Mountain (Food Skills Coordinator at The Local Community Food Centre in Stratford).

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#ICS TAMAPTA Circumpolar Drum Dance Festival Nuuk Greenland

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1998 ICS TAMAPTA Circumpolar Drum Dance Festival Nuuk Greenland

Published on May 11, 2012 by Inuvialuit Television

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The Council of the Federation Literacy Award applications for #Yukon, #NWT, #Nunavut

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Northwest Territories



Literacy skills are the essential building blocks for the development of a vibrant society and economy. These foundation skills are embedded in activities in the home, school, community and workplace. There is a continuum of development ranging from learning to read through to reading to learn a variety of other skills and perspectives on life. The end of this continuum is the complex set of skills necessary for daily life, employment, citizenship, and personal advancement and enjoyment in our modern and diverse society. Today, the broad definition of literacy includes a variety of skills: reading text, document use, writing, oral communications, numeracy, thinking skills, computer use, working with others and continuous learning.

Canada’s provinces and territories are repositories of innovative principles, practices and programs that reflect the very highest ideals in literacy best practices, and serve the varying needs of many different types of learners.

In order to bring recognition to achievements in literacy in every province and territory, Premiers created a Council of the Federation Literacy Award medallion. The award recognizes outstanding achievement, innovative practice and excellence in literacy. Thirteen Council of the Federation Literacy medallions are presented annually, one for each province and territory. The Council of the Federation Literacy Award covers the entire spectrum of the field, including family, Aboriginal, health, workplace and community literacy and is given to recognize the excellence of educators, volunteers, learners, and community organizations (including non-governmental organizations) and businesses in each province and territory.


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Inuktitut dialect map

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Description English: Inuktitut dialect map with labels in Inuktitut inuujingajut or local roman alphabet. Data from various sources.

Français : Carte des dialectes d’Inuktitut avec étiquettes en Inuktitut inuujingajut ou en alphabet latin standard. Les données utilisées proviennent de diverses resources.

Date 27 April 2005

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