TETLIT’ZHEH/FORT MCPHERSON NWT Mike Krutko remembered by friends as generous soul

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Mike Krutko, showcases the book he wrote of his experiences trapping, fishing and building a life in the Canadian North. – NNSL file photo


Krutko died on March 19 at the Yellowknife Dementia Centre from colon cancer complications. He was 97. His generous and entrepreneurial spirit is often credited for shaping Fort McPherson and those who knew him have many stories about his contributions to the community.

“Mike helped a lot of families,” said Chief William Koe of Fort McPherson, a childhood friend of Krutko’s son, David Krutko.

“Families used to be very large and we had some hard times. A lot of people wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him,” said Koe.

One of Krutko’s biggest impacts on Fort McPherson was his trading-post-turned cafe and general store. Locals depended on Krutko’s store to supply food that was direly needed, but often difficult to access in the isolated community of early Fort McPherson. Krutko often let people take what they needed on credit, with full faith that the bill would work itself out as the trapping season started or times got better.

“He wanted everybody to succeed,” said Koe. “When traders came in with their furs he’d buy all of them. He was a very supportive guy for our people and the community. Especially in difficult times.

“We would really have struggled then. There was no social services, not much was known about the government.”


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