Ex #YZF #NWT @CBCNorth station manager & Radio Caroline DJ Tom Lodge dies

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Tom Lodge, who has died aged 75, worked as a cowboy, used car salesman, gold miner and a winter fisherman on the Great Slave Lake in Canada before becoming one of the first disc jockeys on Radio Caroline, where he was credited with introducing a looser, more spontaneous, American-influenced style to the pirate station’s output.


At the age of 18 he left Britain with his guitar and £16 and moved to Alberta, Canada, where he worked as a cowboy in Calgary and as a used-car salesman in Edmonton, before travelling to Hay River in the icy Northwest Territories, where he worked as an ice-fisherman on the Great Slave Lake.

In a memoir, Beyond the Great Slave Lake, published in 1957, he described how he nearly lost his life when he and an American Indian companion were blown out into the middle of the lake on an ice floe. His companion eventually succumbed to the freezing temperatures, but Lodge was saved by some passing fur trappers.

In 1956 he returned to England, where the following year he married Jeanine Arpourettes. The couple went to live at Yellowknife in Canada, where Tom worked in a gold mine before joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as an announcer. He became a station manager and then returned to England.

In The Ship that Rocked the World, Lodge described how, one day, he had walked into a pub in Chelsea and complained about the music playing on the radio behind the bar: “A fellow chimed up that that would soon be solved. That was Ronan [O’Rahilly]. I joined with him on the spot.”

As Johnnie Walker later recalled, Lodge used to bring his wife on board Caroline: “She used to take great delight in wafting around in see-through negligees. Some of the Dutch crew hadn’t seen a woman for a long time, so you can imagine it caused a few problems. After that, nobody was allowed on board apart from DJs and crew.”



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“Beyond the Great Slave Lake” book by Ex #YZF #NWT @CBCNorth station manager & Radio Caroline DJ Tom Lodge http://ow.ly/9UKk2


The Ship that Rocked the World: How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll by Tom Lodge http://ow.ly/9UKEj

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