What is It Like to Live North of Sixty? Not like Arctic Air or Ice Road Truckers by Pat McKeon, csj

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By Pat McKeon, csj

Sisters Of St. Joseph, London Ontario Canada – Join the Conversation


The north has many social problems and Arctic Air gives us a glimpse of these. A nomadic culture in a very harsh environment produced strong, independent people, close knit family groups, and cultural norms very different from norms in southern Canada. Fur traders introduced alcohol. Europeans brought new diseases, foreign concepts of governing, and ideas about educating children which tore families apart. Missionaries brought a new religion and understanding of God. There has been a huge and rapid change from living on the land in family groups in a culture based on hunting and trapping to living in town where there are necessities such as heating fuel, electricity, store bought food, and gasoline powered vehicles together with high unemployment and a desire for modern goods and services.


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