Friday funnies: Yellowknife illustrator Alison McCreesh, works on weekly comic

Via Scoop.itNWT News

Alison McCreesh works on one of her comic illustrations on her design tablet. McCreesh says she usually has a few partially-completed comics on the go, for those weeks when she gets busy. – Nicole Garbutt/NNSL photo


Taking a break when she went back to school, and picking it up again after her return, McCreesh at that time was putting out about three strips a week. Now, due to a growing schedule and work load, she releases one a week, on Fridays – in just time for weekend comic relief.

“They are all based off true events, because Yellowknife is so small I will sometimes change the gender or name, so people don’t get embarrassed,” said McCreesh.

The weekly comics, which are usually a two panel, black and white strip, showcase snippets of McCreesh’s daily life in Old Town.

“When I started doing them, they were travel comics,” McCreesh said. “I put them up on Facebook and got a lot of positive feedback, so I started it up again after school as a real comic blog.”

Originally, the comics started out just in French. Now McCreesh translates them and posts the comics in both languages on her website and blog. All of the archived comics are not uploaded yet, but they will be soon.

McCreesh is also working on her own graphic novel of illustrations.




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