#robocallmovies trending high Canadawide in Politics #CDNpoli

Robocall controversy spurs spoof movie titles
As the plot thickens in the ongoing robocall controversy, Twitter users are imagining the affair as fodder for films. The hashtag #RobocallMovies began trending Canadawide on Saturday.

 A house divided over dirty tricks.  A mysterious suspect named Pierre Poutine. Thousands of Canadians left dumbfounded by misleading election day calls. Is this the stuff of movies?

RT @lindzmarsh: RT @cfedio Best of #robocallmovies -Honey, I Shrunk the Electorate, Pollstergeist, Lord of the Rings, Dude, Where’s My Polling Station?

RT @luvlaffen: RT @Mousanto: The Bad News Bearers #robocallMovies

RT @pureshakti: All the Prime Minister’s Men #Robocallmovies #cdnpoli

RT @ali_cat5683: “@stephenlautens: Schindler’s Do Not Call List / I Know Who You Called Last Summer / Natural Born Callers #RobocallMovies #cdnpoli”

RT @ve3zks: RT @KyleGerow: The Silence of the Vote #robocallmovies

RT @laureenbot: RT @HarperRobot: Dildo Baggins: Lord of the Wangs #robocallmovies Oops got mixed up with #robocallpornmovies

RT @laureenbot: RT @HarperRobot: It’s a Wonderful Majority #robocallmovies

RT @laureenbot: RT @HarperRobot: Guelph Chainsaw Massacre (at the polling station, you better stay away) #robocallmovies #robocalls #cdnpoli

RT @christophbryon: Harper Scissor Hands #robocallmovies #cdnpoli

RT @albertaskeptic: The Real Housewives of Separatist Street. #RobocallMovies #cdnpoli

RT @urban_su: Look Who’s Not Talking.  #robocallmovies #cdnpoli #cpc #tellviceverything


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