$250 Learning to See Photography Bootcamp in Yellowknife NWT

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Learning to See Photography Bootcamp with Samantha Chrysanthou and Darwin Wiggett of oopoomoo in Yellowknife NWT on April 14 and 15th, 2012…


To help photographers advance beyond the trophy, Samantha and I have developed our “Learning to See Photography Bootcamp” which we will present at various locations this year. Our first presentation of this workshop is in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories on April 14 and 15th, 2012. We have a keen group of local photographers signed up and the organizer, Lee Sacrey, http://leesacreyphotography.com/leesacreyphotography.com/Welcome.html has just opened up this workshop to any photographer interested in coming to Yellowknife for the weekend. The cost of the workshop is just $250. To register or read more details please see this link.


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Backgrounder: Dene Languages Apps | Office of The Executive

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Aboriginal languages in the NWT have suffered a tremendous decrease in inter-generational transmission within the past few decades.

Work on similar digital media applications will begin in April for the Inuvialuktun, Inuinnaqtun and Cree languages.

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Northern Lights in Yellowknife, March 2012

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Taken on March 17 at Prelude Lake and the sky was clear! Nature’s awesome display of dancing lights. Some clips were from March 16’s outing to the west to escape the cloud cover. Glimpses of red aurora were seen briefly.

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TETLIT’ZHEH/FORT MCPHERSON NWT Mike Krutko remembered by friends as generous soul

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Mike Krutko, showcases the book he wrote of his experiences trapping, fishing and building a life in the Canadian North. – NNSL file photo


Krutko died on March 19 at the Yellowknife Dementia Centre from colon cancer complications. He was 97. His generous and entrepreneurial spirit is often credited for shaping Fort McPherson and those who knew him have many stories about his contributions to the community.

“Mike helped a lot of families,” said Chief William Koe of Fort McPherson, a childhood friend of Krutko’s son, David Krutko.

“Families used to be very large and we had some hard times. A lot of people wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him,” said Koe.

One of Krutko’s biggest impacts on Fort McPherson was his trading-post-turned cafe and general store. Locals depended on Krutko’s store to supply food that was direly needed, but often difficult to access in the isolated community of early Fort McPherson. Krutko often let people take what they needed on credit, with full faith that the bill would work itself out as the trapping season started or times got better.

“He wanted everybody to succeed,” said Koe. “When traders came in with their furs he’d buy all of them. He was a very supportive guy for our people and the community. Especially in difficult times.

“We would really have struggled then. There was no social services, not much was known about the government.”


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Lucie Idlout – Whiskey Breath

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The official music video for Lucie Idlout’s single, “Whiskey Breath”, from her latest album, Swagger. Video directed by Michael Maxxis. www.lucieidlout.com 

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#93 Howe Gelb & Lucie Idlout – Lovely irene – On the road to tucson

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Déjà, il y a huit ans http://www.lecargo.org/spip/calexico/maracas_groove/interviews-522.html  nous avions essayé de comprendre avec l’aide des Calexico pourquoi un tel lien entre Tucson et la France. Cette rencontre de scènes musicales à priori que rien ne rapproche nous intriguait.

Cette semaine le cargo na va absolument pas tenter de résoudre ce mystère, cette étrange alchimie… Loin de nous cette prétention, on préfère se replonger dans la musique et juste la musique. Ayant croisé plusieurs fois la route des French Cowboy et harcelé à chaque fois pour faire une session, on s’est vite dit qu’il y avait quelque chose à faire autour de Tucson et des petits frenchies qui soient vivent la bas (comme Naïm Amor et Marianne Dissard), soit passent autant de temps en avion que nous dans le métro…

Autour des french cowboy nous allons mettre en ligne chaque jour de la semaine une nouvelle session pour finir en beauté avec Howe Gelb.

Rencontrer Howe Gelb… c’est impressionnant. On est impressionné par sa musique, par son aura, par ses fans (John Parish ou Pj Harvey !), par son regard… Après avoir rencontré Howe Gelb on est impressionné par douceur, sa gentillesse, sa disponibilté, son attention aux autres et toujours… par sa musique… sa voix !

Comme à son habitude Howe Gelb profitera de la session pour nous faire connaitre la musique de son amie Lucie Idlout qui l’accompagne sur la tournée de Giant Sand. On a pu découvrir l’univers de cette canadienne d’origine Inuit. On cherchait le pont entre la France et Tucson, Howe Gelb nous a délivré l’une des clefs de cette rencontre… le voyage, l’ouverture aux autres, la rencontre… avec un langage commun à tous : la musique…

Merci à Cathimini pour ce très beau cadeau, merci à Howe Gelb et Lucie pour ce très beau moment.

Images : renaud de foville







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Headlines for Yellowknifer for March 28th 2012

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Long John Jamboree a hit. Organizers ‘overwhelmed with pride and joy’

Floatplane dock draws debate. Latham Island residents wary of plan; flying enthusiast says it will draw in tourists

New NDP leader gives Heyck a nod. Former riding association president acknowledged by name on national television

Lackluster response to faith healing. Yellowknife isn’t ready for miracles, says German presenter


Community spirit on ice. Future Long John Jamboree success will depend on hard-working organizers

Distracted driver almost hit us.


Down by the bay. Music, movement and artwork take over


Ice racers ripped up the track. Successful event on Yellowknife Bay has gearheads talking about building up circuit


Clients crucial in construction. Yellowknife companies doing well building business in uncertain economic times

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Women’s Media Center Releases Media Guide for Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates and Politicians

WMC Releases Media Guide for Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates and Politicians

March 26, 2012


Contact: Rachel Larris at rachel


Today the Women’s Media Center releases a new Media Guide for its Name It. Change It. Project, which works to identify, prevent and end sexist media coverage of women candidates and politicians. The Women’s Media Center’s Media Guide to Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates + Politicians (click to download http://wmc.3cdn.net/d70ffb626bbc4b58d8_ecm6vgfl1.pdf ) shows members of the media how to avoid injecting sexism into their own coverage and how to spot sexism in other’s.

Julie Burton, President of the Women’s Media Center, says “This guide was created to show journalists and other media professionals how the use of even subtly sexist language affects woman candidates’ success in the political arena.”

The Name It. Change It. project, a joint partnership between the Women’s Media Center and She Should Run, addresses sexism in the media directed at women candidates, politicians and high-profile individuals.

“With the release of this guide, the Women’s Media Center hopes to make the use of all sexist language both recognizable and unacceptable in politics,” Burton says.

Gloria Steinem, Co-Founder of the Women’s Media Center, says, "Studies show that like bullying, the trivializing sexism used against women candidates makes voters not want to associate with them. The problem is that sexism itself is viewed as trivial. This guide makes its seriousness clear, and helps reporters be fair by using parallel language for both female and male candidates."

The Women’s Media Center’s Media Guide to Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates + Politicians features groundbreaking research by Celinda Lake on the affect of media sexism on women candidates, as well a glossary of terms from Rosalie Maggio’s Unspinning the Spin: The Women’s Media Center’s Guide to Fair + Accurate Language, which provides definitions, background information, and suggested alternative uses for many loaded and politically incorrect terms.

Robin Morgan, co-Founder of the Women’s Media Center says, “Media sexism is used against women candidates and elected officials of all political viewpoints; it isn’t limited to one political party, and the Name It. Change It. project fights that sexism wherever we find it. We hope that members of the media sign our pledge to treat all subjects with respect, regardless of gender, and to create an overall media culture in which sexism has no place.”

“This shouldn’t be a radical notion,” Morgan says. “Giving women unequal treatment in media coverage is plain bad journalism–and its bad for democracy. Hopefully with this guide and the continuing work of the Name It. Change It. project, more members of the media will understand why this is important to them.”

The Women’s Media Center’s Media Guide to Gender Neutral Coverage of Women Candidates + Politicians is available for free download on WomensMediaCenter.com and at NameItChangeIt.org.


Canada’s Nurses have Rideau Hall Roundtable Dialogue on Aboriginal Health with

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“Health in aboriginal communities is about balance between mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health,” said Julie Lys, one of the Commissioners and a nurse practitioner who personally delivers health-care services in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories. “Our current health-care system addresses physical and some mental health. But without understanding and addressing the core issues that affect all of these areas, we will not effectively be able to re-establish balance and improve the health status of Aboriginal people.”


Commissioners will highlight the interventions and ideas proposed by roundtable participants via Twitter (@NtlCommission) throughout the day. The Commission will also post a synopsis of the day’s discussions on its web site on Wednesday, March 28. A list of roundtable participants will also be posted at http://expertcommission.cna-aiic.ca/

In preparing its report, the Commission has adopted the “triple aim” framework developed by the Institute for Health Improvement that focuses on the themes of Better Health, Better Care and Better Value. This approach is being used effectively around the world because it addresses the three dimensions of care: the health of the population, the experience of care for individuals within the population, and the per capita cost of providing that care. The Commission will also add a Best Nursing component to their report.


All videos feature NEC Commissioner Julie Lys.



Video with caption: “Commissioner Julie Lys talks about the use of interdisciplinary, collaborative health teams in northern communities.”.

 Video available at:



Video with caption: “Commissioner Julie Lys confirms that health-care providers see the impact of social and economic determinants on the health of Aboriginal populations every day.”

Video available at:



Video with caption: “Commissioner Julie Lys is also a nurse practitioner and she knows from first-hand experience that nurse-led innovations offer real solutions in terms of the delivery of health services in remote and northern communities.”. Video available at:



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Ex #YZF #NWT @CBCNorth station manager & Radio Caroline DJ Tom Lodge dies

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Tom Lodge, who has died aged 75, worked as a cowboy, used car salesman, gold miner and a winter fisherman on the Great Slave Lake in Canada before becoming one of the first disc jockeys on Radio Caroline, where he was credited with introducing a looser, more spontaneous, American-influenced style to the pirate station’s output.


At the age of 18 he left Britain with his guitar and £16 and moved to Alberta, Canada, where he worked as a cowboy in Calgary and as a used-car salesman in Edmonton, before travelling to Hay River in the icy Northwest Territories, where he worked as an ice-fisherman on the Great Slave Lake.

In a memoir, Beyond the Great Slave Lake, published in 1957, he described how he nearly lost his life when he and an American Indian companion were blown out into the middle of the lake on an ice floe. His companion eventually succumbed to the freezing temperatures, but Lodge was saved by some passing fur trappers.

In 1956 he returned to England, where the following year he married Jeanine Arpourettes. The couple went to live at Yellowknife in Canada, where Tom worked in a gold mine before joining the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation as an announcer. He became a station manager and then returned to England.

In The Ship that Rocked the World, Lodge described how, one day, he had walked into a pub in Chelsea and complained about the music playing on the radio behind the bar: “A fellow chimed up that that would soon be solved. That was Ronan [O’Rahilly]. I joined with him on the spot.”

As Johnnie Walker later recalled, Lodge used to bring his wife on board Caroline: “She used to take great delight in wafting around in see-through negligees. Some of the Dutch crew hadn’t seen a woman for a long time, so you can imagine it caused a few problems. After that, nobody was allowed on board apart from DJs and crew.”



His books are available on abebooks.com


“Beyond the Great Slave Lake” book by Ex #YZF #NWT @CBCNorth station manager & Radio Caroline DJ Tom Lodge http://ow.ly/9UKk2


The Ship that Rocked the World: How Radio Caroline Defied the Establishment, Launched the British Invasion and Made the Planet Safe for Rock and Roll by Tom Lodge http://ow.ly/9UKEj

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