Spark | CBC Radio “Aboriginal Futures” Airing March 4 (1:05 ET/1:35 NT) & 7 (2:05 local time, 2:35 NT).

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Spark is a blog, radio show, podcast and an ongoing conversation about technology and culture, hosted by Nora Young. FYI, CBC is airing a special edition of its technology program Spark on “Aboriginal Futures” on Sunday at the times below. I was told it will also air on March 3 and be available by podcast on March 3 from the CBC Spark site. Here is a link to Spark:
Spark: Aboriginal Futures
Airing March 4 (1:05 ET/1:35 NT) & 7 (2:05 local time, 2:35 NT). Nora Young and National News Reporter Duncan McCue co-host a special edition of Spark to explore how Aboriginal communities are finding digital solutions to long-standing problems. In Squamish Territory, podcasts revitalize a nearly-extinct language. In Kahnawake, Mohawk youth dream about their place in the future as they time travel through video games. In Ottawa nightclubs, powwow music meets electronic beats. And across Canada, First Nations people are using social media to govern their territories and carve out their place in the open territory of cyberspace.


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