Up Here Business · Our Nitpicker’s Guide to Arctic Air

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It’s nice to see Yellowknife on primetime TV, but did the show get the details right? Guy Quenneville takes a hard look at Arctic Air’s pilot episode. [excerpt] Who knew Yellowknife could look so purty? Well, we all did; now the rest of the country knows, too. About 1.1 million Canadian viewers tuned in to the January 10 premiere of CBC’s Yellowknife-set Arctic Air. How big an audience is that? Put it this way: it’s about 10 times the number of people who live in all three territories. The show’s production company, B.C.-based Omni Productions (see Ice Pilots NWT) filmed several of the pilot’s dialogue scenes in the NWT capital, during the twilight-hued days of late summer 2011. Sharp-eyed viewers (or those, like me, who blew the show up on their walls using a digital projector) caught more than a few Yellowknife landmarks and businesses. Which ones made the cut? What strange, fictional doppelgangers doubled for real-life locations? And how was Yellowknife gussied up for its TV serenade? Behold, my totally obsessive, frame-by-frame guide to celluloid YK. [..]

See also: Arctic Air’s five-year flight path

A well-placed Up Here Business spy infiltrated the heavily-secured set and snagged a copy of the Arctic Air show bible, outlining the direction the series will take should it last five years. Here’s a spoiler-laced sneak peek. http://upherebusiness.tumblr.com/post/17968454065
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