MP3 MUSIC FILE: Yellowknives – Acid Sunrise

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[excerpt] Acid Sunrise arrived in a nondescript package, without a press release, from somewhere in the Northwest Territories, I think. I tried to listen to it late at night but fell asleep right away and had horrible, repetitive, apocalyptic nightmares. Listening while awake is no picnic either: strange time signatures preclude normal dancing, Cosmos 954 is six minutes of static-laden droning, Somba K’e is like dog whistles mixed with variable volume and distortion effects applied to the sound of a CD skipping (it hurts). Nor can I stop listening; this shit is like an arctic mindbath. Strong points include really dope bass kicks, lack of any words or signifiers or thematic direction other than drug-basted sweathouse insanity, and extreme scariness.
-Steve Lalla, Hour (Montréal, Canada) […] Label: Brise-Cul Records
Catalog #: SADE 078
Format: CDr
Released: Aug 2007 Tracklist:
1. The Early Riser [01:04]
2. Diamond Mind [03:21]
3. Are Auras [04:44]
4. Ididerail [10:15]
5. Sweat Logic [09:01]
6. Arsenic Trioxide [02:53]
7. Cosmos 954 [06:12]
8. Somba K’e [03:19]
9. Devil Juice [08:55]


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