Aurora Borealis major headache for ARCTIC RAM military communication systems,

Via Scoop.itNWT News

So live tweeting sure didn’t work out well once we set out for the forward operating base! Sorry about that. [excerpt] Aurora Borealis The northern lights were amazing! The first night it was just a simple, steady green spread like the stroke of a paint brush from one side of the sky to the other. It was at the same the second night at about 9:30. But then I decided to go pee before crawling into my sleeping bag at about 11 p.m. and the lights were truly amazing. They were green, but also red and yellow, moving like a light shower of rain when it catches a gust of wind and scatters across the road. Except, if this were rain, you would be standing under a glass roof looking up as it seemed to fall on top of you, stopping just out of your reach. I probably stood on the road for 20 minutes by myself, watching and thinking about a children’s story I read once where the Inuit called these spirits. I tried to listen for the whistling sound they make, but either they weren’t calling my name this time, or the hum of the diesel generators was too great in the background. They are also causing a major headache for the military communication systems, but more on that later. Overall The one thing I really disliked was the constant clouds of diesel fumes as each section tried to keep their LAVIIIs and all the trucks from freezing in the cold. I think I’ve had enough diesel in my lungs to last a life time. Plus the cold is just tiring. It’s fine for one day, and I’m a pretty positive person so I can deal with two alright as well. But I met soldiers who have been out there since as early as January 20 setting up and preparing for the exercise. They’re not getting back to Edmonton until early March. If that were me, I would be craving my own, uncomplicated warm space pretty quickly. I’ll post more soon, and the full package about the exercise and northern sovereignty is expected to run in the Edmonton Journal this weekend. You can contact me at and go to  to follow all our tweets and updates. [#EJarctic via @estolte] Ryan should have a whole photo gallery ready to go soon, too.


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