Calling ham radio buffs in Yellowknife NWT and the North

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[excerpt] There are 20 society members scattered through the NWT, with the majority of them in Yellowknife. Society president Chris Cameron said adding to their membership would help the society become more involved in the community. “Like anything else, more membership means we can take part in more activities in the community, participate in events,” Cameron said. Many society members participate just for fun, but there are a couple of serious things they do. “For the last 10 years we’ve been working with the Yellowknife Ski Club, we do the communications for the ski-loppett,” said Cameron. “We keep track of all the skiers.” They also are available to assist the Canadian Forces in the case of an emergency such as a plane crash. “If we want to get into emergency services further, more people the better,” said Cameron. The society also participates in the North American Field Day, a contest where regions face off to see who can get the most radio contacts from other ham radio stations. It was originally meant as a field exercise to make sure people are prepared for emergency situations to work with limited resources, such as power from a grid. […] Bob Johnson has always had an interest in electronics and radio, and is a relatively recent member of the society, which has been in operation since the early 1980s. “A couple years ago I took a course, got my licence and I’ve been doing that since,” said Johnson. “It’s interesting. I think it’s a little out of the mainstream these days with cellphones and that kind of stuff, but I find it interesting and there are lots of people around who like it.” Those interested in learning more can find society members hanging out at Tim Hortons on most Sunday mornings at 9 a.m.


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