Canadian Mosaic Project Yellowknife #NWT – a set on Flickr

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Canadian Mosaic Project Yellowknife NWT – a set on Flickr.. part of
Q. When did you start the mosaic project? A. The Canadian Mosaic Project started on October 1st. 2008 in Red Deer, Alberta. I had no idea I would be stumbling upon the concept of the mosaic until my second month of a one year trip across Canada. I was at Mc Gill University in Montreal photographing students with their toques and winter fashions, that day I blogged all the shots in a grid, putting everyone, side by side and wow, I started to see the power of illustrating our individuality and cultural diversity. Wham, the I was hooked and when out the very next day and shot another 20 portraits. It within a month or two I had accumulated 400 portraits and I was hooked. Since that time [more than] 5700 portraits have been created from every province and territory in Canada, the mosaic continues to grow with every passing week, with the entire project finishing up on Canada Day 2017, with 25,000 portraits from every part of Canada. An amazing feat for one Canadian boy to pull off. In 2009 1817 portraits where shot, in 2010 an amazing 3164 portraits were gathered and so far in 2011, 900 portraits have been created. My name is Tim Van Horn and its my life mission to bring this country together for the right reasons, to illustrate the true Canadian cultural tapestry from a place of non-partisan, wanting to spread the message that we each have a story to be shared and dreams to be lived. All too often the phrase “the Canadian mosaic’ is used in government to describe Canada’s multicultural makeup and how wonderful it is that we Canadians except people from around the globe into Canada. For the most part everyone is entitled to retain their cultural identity. For the most part this is somewhat true and is a positive aspect to be proud of here in Canada. We are a free country to express your cultural views, no matter what they may be. I see the mosaic differently, please know, I don’t have a Phd or a masters in cultural studies from Harvard. Multiculturalism is a spoke in the wheel of the Canadian mosaic, but i see the Canadian mosaic needing to represent the tree of life. Each of is innately unique in every aspect of who we are, we all think our own thoughts, dress a certain way and are individuals.


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