New York court rules lawsuit against Arianna Huffington for “stealing” Huffington Post idea can go to trial | Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas

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A New York judge has ruled that a lawsuit claiming Arianna Huffington stole the idea for the Huffington Post can go to trial, according to Reuters. The lawsuit against Huffington brought last year by plaintiffs Peter Daou and James Boyce can go forward “under a New York law that allows people to sue if someone steals an idea that is both novel and concrete,” Paid Content explained. Huffington and co-founder Ken Lerer earlier had filed to dismiss the lawsuit, but now the judge’s decision may “increase the pressure on Huffington to settle the case before further details about the origins of her site are put before a jury,” Paid Content said. According to Business Insider, a Huffington Post spokesperson responded to the judge’s ruling, saying, “Seven out of the eight claims were thrown out. To describe this as any kind of victory is as laughable as their lawsuit.” Earlier this year AOL acquired the Huffington Post for $315 million, resulting in a class-action lawsuit brought by volunteer, freelance bloggers wanting to be paid, according to the Associated Press.
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