Internet long-distance calling gadget unveiled in Nunavut by SSI Micro

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Charlotte Walker, director of marketing and logistics for SSI Micro Group of Companies, displays the Qiniq Chatbox, the company’s new voice-over Internet service recently released across Nunavut. – Thandie Vela/NNSL photo [excerpt] Qiniq Chatbox, a voice adaptor that connects between a home phone and Internet modem, allows the user to make calls to anywhere in North America, at seven cents per minute. It was unveiled at the Nunavut Trade Show and Conference, which took place in Iqaluit at the Arctic Winter Games Arena during the last week of September. “Here in Nunavut people just don’t have viable voice- and video-over-the-Internet solutions that work,” SSI Micro director of marketing and logistics Charlotte Walker said, explaining why the gadget is being launched in the territory first. With no terrestrial communications infrastructure in Nunavut, Internet services are delivered over satellite, which makes technology like Skype and other voice-over Internet services perform poorly in the territory. The Chatbox technology is designed to work via satellite more efficiently, SSI chief development officer Dean Proctor said. … While the portable, pay-as-you-go voice Chatbox is now available in Nunavut as a consumer product, the voice and video Chatbox is currently only available on an enterprise model, for large-scale users such as government departments and corporations, Walker said. The Northwest Territories release date for the Chatbox has not yet been determined. The Qiniq network spans across 25 communities in Nunavut. SSI owns and operates the Qiniq network in Nunavut.
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