Randy Sibbeston still refuses to move Yellowknife houseboat

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After refusing to move his houseboat from Yellowknife’s waterfront, Randy Sibbeston says the Northwest Territories government should pay him $1,000 a day in damages for taking him to court.

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Sibbeston says Willow Flats is traditional Métis territory and that, as a Métis man, he has the right to use the area.

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This Is a Generic Brand Video – YouTube

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This Is a Generic Brand Video is a generic brand video of “This Is a Generic Brand Video,” written by Kendra Eash for McSweeney’s Internet Tendency. No surpr…

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"…This “generic brand video” has the perfect combination of cynical, dry humor and memorable images to make it a classic commentary on how people can be manipulated by companies, or say, vapid political candidates…"

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The Road is Gold The Road is Gold #Dog #Mushing on #NWT’s #GreatSlaveLake #turninglight #photo

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Late day dog run on McLeod Bay on Great Slave Lake.

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#NWT The Road is Gold – #turninglight has added a photo to the pool: Late day dog run on McLeod Bay on Great Slave Lake. http://ow.ly/2EF0r2 #mushing
The Road is Gold #Dog #Mushing on #NWT’s #GreatSlaveLake #turninglight #photo

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IN PHOTOS: #Toronto Mayor #RobFord @TOMayorFord in Los Angeles (with images, tweets) with @jimmykimmel

IN PHOTOS: Mayor Ford in Los Angeles with images, tweets · CityNews · Storify.

BTS: What It’s Like Being on DigitalRev’s Cheap Camera Challenge

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We’ve featured plenty of Pro Photographer Cheap Camera Challenges over the years, all of them informative, educational and entertaining to varying degrees. What we’ve never had before is the photographer’s perspective.
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Photog Loses $7,000 of Gear On Japanese Bullet Train, Gets Every Bit of It Back

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News in the photo world isn’t always uplifting — what with all the layoffs and copyright scandals — but once in a while you stumble onto one of those ‘renew your faith in humanity’ stories that just make you smile.
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Australian Photographer in Hot Water After Threat-Filled Facebook Tirade

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Think before you post. This should be the message greeting all of us when we open up our social network of choice.
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Mesmerizing Photos of Frozen Flowers by Mo Devlin

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When you hear the term flower photography, it probably doesn’t inspire a particularly powerful reaction.
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#CBCNorth first aid training Tweet from @Call_Randall

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News room bleeding puncture wounds dressing bandages are part of #CBCNorth first aid training pic.twitter.com/WxgUFSsijl

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Unlocked iPhones Now A Form Of International Currency


“…Carrying value around in small, easily-portable but valuable packages is nothing new–people have always brought designer goods, jewelry, electronics, or other items that they plan to sell home “as gifts.” Whether this is okay depends on the customs regulations at your destination; after all, customs fees are part of the reason why iPhones cost more in some places than in others. Check these regulations before you load your suitcase up with gold iPhones the next time you travel. …”

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Want to make friends all over the world? Have an extra $650 and don’t really care about customs regulations? The next time you leave on an international trip, grab an extra unlocked iPhone and bring it along to sell or trade. You’ll gain friends everywhere, especially in Brazil, Jordan, or Turkey, which are apparently the most expensive places to buy an iPhone.

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